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| 1967 to 2003 |
Lynn R. receives plaque and lifetime honorary membership in Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

June 1969
Lynn R. passes away at age 92. He works in the office until three weeks before his death.
D. Brewster Parker, son of John R., becomes company president, returning to Lincoln from Chicago. A lawyer, Brewster had worked for Chicago Title and Trust Co. for five years.
The company becomes an issuing agent for Chicago Title and Trust Co.
A distinguished career begins when Brewster hires Bonnie Young, who continues her service today as operations manager and secretary/treasurer. Bonnie recalls John R. and D. Brewster as “gentlemen in every sense of the word.”
Brewster’s initiative to write title policies in the Lincoln office, begun in the early 1970s, has transformed the company to writing virtually all title policies today. Abstract work required going to the county clerk’s office in the courthouse, bringing out “big, old books,” typing at a small manual typewriter, and making carbons of all documents.
Always an innovator, Brewster has established the office as one of the first title companies of its size to computerize operations and to employ contemporary technology for efficiency and service.
July 1989
John R. passes away at age 83.

The company’s dedication to community service has been well known for decades and is solidified further as it becomes a major sponsor of Lincoln’s annual balloon festival, one of the most renown in the country among balloon enthusiasts. The company continues its leadership today, being an essential benefactor of the event’s livelihood and sponsor of Max Mitchell’s balloon.

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September 1994
Brewster passes away at age 57.
Joan A. Parker, wife of Brewster, becomes president, with sons Jonathan as vice president and Christopher as director. Bonnie Young is secretary-treasurer and operations manager.
$5,000 scholarship established in the D. B. Parker Memorial Fund at Northern Illinois University for a student pursuing real estate law.
In tandem with Chicago Title and Trust, Logan County Title Co. enhances its procedures for title examinations, closing escrow policies, construction escrows, and searching techniques.
Office purchased at 505 Pulaski; major renovation occurs in ‘02 to expand space and provide customer service areas.

Company celebrates 100 years of operation with an ice cream social in Scully Park open to all Lincoln residents. The town of Lincoln awards the company with a key to the city. Illinois State Historical Society honors company as a Centennial business.

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